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My WBBOR Account

New Member Cheat Sheet

  • Fill out an online application Click on REALTOR application
    Once submitted staff will review your application and contact you regarding payment.
  • Your NRDS # will be assigned by staff and listed in your welcome letter
  • Primary Membership vs Secondary Membership: Primary membership must be held at a board that your Broker is a member of. Secondary membership can be held at any board once you have established primary membership. Your broker does not have to be a member of the secondary board.
  • REALTOR vs Affiliate Membership: REALTOR membership is for anyone that has a real estate license and that will be practicing real estate. Affiliate membership is for anyone that is in the real estate business. Example: Attorney’s, Bankers, Pest Control, Inspectors.
    • You will receive 2 text and 1 e-mail from Walton Barrow regarding your membership after making payment. All  e-mails are emailed to the address provided on your application.
    1. Welcome Letter
    • Complete Code of Ethics and New Member Orientation (info in welcome letter, this can not be taken prior to joining the board) Must be completed within 6 months of becoming a member.
    • Form information is found in your welcome letter. Forms only populate in the MLS every 4 hours (8am,12pm,4pm etc.) Example: If your information is input at 8 am, forms will be available at noon. If you have problems with your forms populating in the MLS, refer back to your welcome letter for instructions.
    • EKey’s: You must call the MLS you are a member of to set up your Ekey.
  • Log in Information:
    • Walton Barrow Board of REALTORS(WBBOR): You were emailed your username and password. It’s also in your Welcome letter.
    • Georgia REALTORS (GAR): Username is your NRDS # Password is last name
    • National Association of REALTORS (NAR): You must register with your NRDS # and pick your own username and password
  • Code of Ethics is a membership requirement. Code of Ethics must be taken every 3 years. The board offers the class in May & November
  • License Law is a Real Estate Commission requirement. License Law is required to be taken once every time you renew your real estate license. The board provides the License Law class in August.
  • It takes approximately 6 months for you to receive your first magazine in the mail from GAR or NAR.